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Family Law

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Referred to as "Dissolution of Marriage" in Colorado. Small to multi-million dollar estates, amicable or antagonistic, our highly experienced attorneys have you covered. Learn more about dissolution of marriage here.

Legal Seperation

Legal separation in Colorado allows a couple to divide their assets and debts without officially ending their marriage. Unlike in dissolution, a legal separation doesn't terminate the marital status, so the couple remains legally married despite living separately. This option might be chosen for religious, financial, or personal reasons. Let one of our experienced attorneys walk you through the pros and cons this legal process. Learn more about legal separation here.

Modification of Parenting Time

Sometimes changes in circumstances require a change to your parenting plan. Maybe one of you is moving, or maybe the other party is not following the plan. Let one of our experienced family law attorneys educate you and guide you through the legal process to ensure you maximize your outcome.

Modification of Maintenance

Modification of spousal maintenance in Colorado requires a substantial change in circumstances. Let one of our highly skilled, family law attorneys guide you through the legal process, ensuring that all necessary documentation is accurately prepared and that your interests are effectively represented, increasing the likelihood of a favorable outcome.

Learn more about modification of spousal maintenance here. 

Modification of Child Support

When life circumstances change, it often becomes necessary to make a change to child support orders. Let one of our highly experienced attorneys accurately assess your situation, advocate on your behalf, and if necessary, present compelling evidence to ensure that your modification request aligns with both Colorado law and your child's best interests.

Learn more about modification of child support here.

Civil Litigation

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Real Estate

Are you dealing with an unreasonable HOA? Do you have seller who failed to disclose a defect in a home you purchased? From simple contract review to complex litigation, count on our experienced real estate attorneys to help you with your real estate law issues.

Learn more about common real estate law issues here.

Small Business Issues

Small businesses account for 99% of the businesses in Colorado, and they employ about 1.1 million Coloradans. However, small business owners face many challenges. From LLC formation to partnership agreements, collections to large litigation, let one of our highly experienced small business attorneys guide you through your legal issue and ensure your business is safe.

Learn more about legal issues facing small businesses here.

Demand Letters

Looking to avoid costly litigation, a strongly-written demand letter from an experienced attorney can be a less expensive way to get the job done.

Learn more about demand letters here.


As a business owner, you often don't have time to deal with the headache of navigating the legal system. If someone owes you $5,000 or more, let one of our experienced collections attorneys handle the headache for you.

Learn more about collections here.

Probate Litigation

When a loved one has passed, it can be even more devastating to find yourself dealing with the complexities of Colorado's probate system. Let one of our highly professional and empathetic attorney lead you through this complex issue.

Learn more about probate in Colorado here.

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