In the dynamic landscape of post-divorce family life, circumstances can change, necessitating modifications to parenting time and child support arrangements. In Colorado, understanding the legal procedures for these modifications is crucial for protecting the best interests of the children involved.

Understanding Post-Decree Modifications

Post-decree modifications are changes made to court orders regarding parenting time and child support after a divorce has been finalized. These modifications are often sought in response to significant changes in the family’s circumstances.

Legal Framework in Colorado

Colorado’s family law provides a framework for modifying parenting time and child support. The primary consideration in these modifications is the child’s best interest. Colorado statutes outline specific criteria and thresholds that must be met for these modifications to be approved.

Modifying Parenting Time

The process to modify parenting time in Colorado begins with demonstrating a substantial change in circumstances. Courts consider factors such as the child’s age, parental responsibilities, and the impact on the child’s well-being.

Modifying Child Support

Child support modifications hinge on showing a substantial and continuing change in circumstances. This could include changes in either parent’s income, the child’s needs, or other financial factors. The legal threshold for modification is typically a change that would result in at least a 10% difference in the amount of child support.

Filing for Modifications

To file for modifications, parents must submit the appropriate legal forms to the court. This includes detailed information about the current arrangement, the proposed changes, and the reasons for these changes.

The Role of the Court

Colorado courts review modification requests with the child’s best interests as the primary focus. The court evaluates the proposed changes and the reasons behind them, ensuring they serve the child’s welfare.

Practical Considerations

Parents seeking modifications should maintain thorough documentation of changes in circumstances and communicate effectively. Legal representation is often crucial in navigating the complexities of these modifications.

Challenges and Resolutions

Common challenges include disagreements between parents and proving the necessity of the proposed changes. Mediation or legal counsel can help in finding resolutions.


Modifying parenting time and child support post-decree in Colorado requires a clear understanding of legal procedures and an unwavering focus on the child’s best interests. Parents should consider seeking professional legal advice to navigate this process effectively.