Divorce can be a challenging journey for anyone, but when it involves significant assets, the complexities multiply. High net worth divorces in Colorado are not just a dissolution of marriage but a detailed negotiation of wealth, assets, and futures. At Ascent Legal Group, we understand that the stakes are high.

The Complexity of High-Net-Worth Divorces:

High-net-worth divorces are distinctive due to the variety and complexity of the assets involved. These can include business interests, multiple real estate holdings, retirement accounts, stock options, and intellectual property. Identifying, valuing, and distributing these assets equitably becomes a sophisticated task, one that not only requires legal expertise, but also experience with and an understanding of complex financial issues.

In Colorado, courts are required to split the assets equitably, not necessarily equally. The courts consider numerous factors, including the duration of the marriage, the contribution of each spouse to the marital estate, and the economic circumstances of each spouse at the time of the division.

Valuation Challenges:

Correctly assessing the value of diverse assets is crucial. This often necessitates collaboration with financial experts, such as appraisers, forensic accountants, and financial analysts. These professionals help ensure that all assets are appropriately valued and considered during the divorce proceedings, and having an attorney that has a rapport with such experts can be critical.

The Role of Prenuptial Agreements:

In many high-net-worth situations, marital agreements (prenuptial or postnuptial agreements) play a significant role. These agreements, if in place, can dictate the terms of asset division. We are adept at reviewing and, when necessary, successfully challenging and defending such agreements in Colorado courts.

Protecting Your Interests:

For those in the public eye or with significant wealth, discretion is paramount. Strategies such as private negotiations or mediation can keep details out of public records and the media. If privacy is a top concern, reaching a settlement out of court is often preferable. At Ascent Legal Group, we prioritize your confidentiality and work to protect your reputation throughout the divorce process.

Child Support and Spousal Maintenance:

In high-net-worth divorces, child support and spousal maintenance can exceed standard guidelines due to the higher standard of living established during the marriage. It’s vital to have a lawyer who can advocate for an outcome that reflects the nuanced financial landscape of your marriage while also considering the well-being of children and the equitable needs of a spouse who may have sacrificed career advancements during the marriage.

Your Legal Partner:

Ascent Legal Group is not just your legal advisor; we are your partner in navigating this complex process. With our expertise and personalized attention, we ensure that your interests are robustly represented. Our goal is to transition you into the next chapter of your life on the most favorable terms possible.

Legal Expertise for High Stakes:

The legal strategies employed in high-net-worth divorces must be tailored to the individual circumstances of each case. Whether it is challenging or defending prenuptial or postnuptial agreements, or understanding the implications of marital vs. separate property, having a seasoned legal team is essential. We our vast collective years of experience to the table, ensuring that our approach is both strategic and informed by the latest legal precedents.


High-net-worth divorces require a delicate balance of legal prowess, financial expertise, and discreet personal service. Ascent Legal Group embodies these qualities, offering the discerning guidance needed to navigate the unique challenges of high-net-worth divorces in Colorado. With every case, we bring a blend of tailored strategy and compassionate advocacy.

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